Harmony Wind Harps by Ross Barrable – experience the Living Presence of Harmonic Sound. Creating contemporary outdoor fine art acoustic sculptures.
Artist Laura Ellis – “evocative and distilled landscapes, inspiring in the viewer a sense of expansive stillness.”
Artist Cameron Davis – These paintings, installations, and community art projects explore issues of the environment and living consciously at the “Earth-time”.
Writer Lesley S. King –  If life gets to you, if you worry about finances and work.  If your loved ones piss you off or break your heart, head to Lesley S. King’s blog, the Inner Adventure, where you learn how to make every day an adventure.
The MasterPath is an exact science of spirituality that has as its objective the attainments of Self and God Realization while living within this physical body.  It is the Teaching of pure spirituality by which all past Masters and contemporary Saints have imparted the eternal verities of the Divine Deity.  MasterPath is the spiritual process of merging back into the creator, just as the drop merges back into the ocean , for its objective is to re–establish the internal connection between the individual soul and the indwelling Sound Current.  MasterPath is a natural science and is complete in every human being regardless of race, gender, or spiritual preferences.