About Karina



Living in the foothills of the majestic Rocky Mountains I am surrounded by unparalleled beauty.  The open wild spaces, untouched terrain and clear night skies nourish my imagination, bringing connection between my inner experience and what I see in the dynamic world around me.

The process of creating paintings ignites my spirit. I am moved to create and participate in the world in a way that reflects life, love and beauty. It is my desire to share in ways that can refresh one spiritually and connect one viscerally to beauty, acceptance and love unbounded.





Other Points Of Interest

1955 -  I was born and my great journey commenced. As a young child I often played in the woods, discovering my love of nature, color and light, they become my constant companions. This was the gift that came out of an abusive childhood.  Unbeknownst to me at the time this was the beginning of my apprenticeship as a painter.

1967 - When I was 12, I was sitting on the school bus looking out the window and I became aware that one day my parents would die. I silently cried, tears streaming down my face, lost in the depth of loneliness.  A window of perception opened in that moment giving me a gift I never forgot. I caught a deep inner movement – a deep stirring that expressed itself as a soft whisper. This whisper conveyed to me there is more to life then what I am currently experiencing in the moment and that I am not alone. A seed of spiritual awakening germinated on the breeze of that open bus window, giving direction to my life. Quietly at first, but with time blossoming into becoming a spiritual seeker.  Finally in 1997 my quest transformed from that of a seeker into a yearning to live my life as a spiritual being.

1978 -  I earned a B.F.A. Keene State College Keene, N.H.; planting a seed that would germinate many years later.

1981 – I gave birth to my son, Forest, his life showed me that Love has the power to create infinite possibilities.

1985 - I earned an Associate degree in Nursing. I was a practicing R.N. for the next seven years, completing a cycle in the journey.

1997 - I met my spiritual teacher and was introduced to MasterPath teachings; this transformed my spiritual seeking into learning how to live as a spiritual being.

2005 - My mother died.  With her last breath I inhale deeply as if taking my very first breath, tears streaming unimpeded from my eyes; I say to myself, “ no more excuses—it’s time to paint.

2012 – Present  Warmth ripples through my body, this electric awareness that knows I am connected into Love’s current. Words cascade at lightening speed, a poem for each painting.  These poems are the paintings’ completion, like stars completing the night sky. Upon completion of these poems emerges the  painting series Music of the Spheres.


Recent Exhibitions

2014 – Makers Tour and Expo, Pagosa Springs, Colorado

2014 – EcoLiving Yoga Studio solo exhibition

2013 – Makers Tour and Expo, Pagosa Springs, Colorado

2012- 13 – Shy Rabbit Contemporary Arts, International Group Exhibition, “The Art of It All”

2012 – Saint Mark’s Church,  “ICON: Visual Expressions of the Sacred” – Durango, CO

2012 – Breckenridge Arts Festival

2011 – Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts, Group Exhibition

2011 – Field of Play Art Studio/ Gallery, “Dancing with the Divine” Solo Exhibition – Pagosa Springs, CO

2010  Handcrafted Interiors “Karina Silver” – Pagosa Springs, CO

2009  Pagosa Springs Arts Council,  “Juried Exhibition” – Pagosa Springs, CO

2008  Saint Mark’s Church,  “ICON: Visual Expressions of the Sacred” – Durango, CO